Happy International Day of Peace by AISLAND

#Happy International Day of #Peace by AISLAND — Eco-Friendly #Decentralized #Blockchain #Marketplace

AISLAND is a decentralized blockchain marketplace with an aim to create a borderless business environment, selecting honest and reputable counterparts, subscribe electronically contracts, execute the subscribed commitment, and manage possible litigation through a simplified process. Wallet, Payment gateway, escrow account, Currency Exchange, Insurance service, Lending, and Factoring are part of the ecosystem, all of which are completely decentralized.

AISLAND aims to offer similar functions to those available through centralized services like Amazon, Alibaba, Expedia, Airbnb, Freelance and Upwork, but decentralized under the community control and accepting cryptocurrencies as method of payment.

The complete decentralization is achieved by blockchain technology based on SUBSTRATE framework, which has also been used to create POLKADOT blockchain that reached a capitalization of 39 Billion USD in 12 months. AISLAND blockchain is based on PROOF of STAKE, anyone staking AISLAND tokens can participate in writing blocks, gaining new tokens by common computers and super low energy consumption. AISLAND is a green blockchain, environment friendly.

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AISLAND is an eco-friendly decentralized blockchain marketplace aimed at enabling a truly borderless business environment.